Good to Great

Many of us are reassessing our goals and what we want to accomplish for the year.  For most us, we are responsible, we show up and we work.  We are not bums.  At least anyone who is actually attempting to set goals is not.  The big question I always get and even the one for myself I am always answering in my own head is,” How do stay motivated to meet my goals?”  I have realized a couple of things in answering this question.


  1. We have enough personal responsibility to do good this year.  We know what to do, we know what works, we will provide for our family.  This is all good, but not great. When we set our income goals, it’s never to do good.  It’s to do better than good.  Yet our behavior still produces good.
  2. We set ourselves up to fail when we reach for greatness.  The only real problem with this is that when we fail, and we will, we are surprised, in shock.  Instead of anticipating it.  If I have failed at something lately, then I haven’t tried to accomplish anything great.
  3. We excuse ourselves from being great.  I loathe the statement,” I tried to give it my best.”  This is code for “I tried something great, but it was harder than I thought and so I gave up.”  There is no trying their is either success or failure.  I want to own failure, so it will make me great.  Our failures and mistakes offer the perfect teacher… Humility.  Humility produces teachability and when we are teachable, then greatness is simply a matter of action.
  4. The end game each day is this: You either have excuses or results.  Period.  Own your lack of results, why you didn’t do it and if you have more than a few days like this, then please reach out for help.  We all need an honest friend, a wise mentor and a coach who knows what our greatness could look like if we only….


Just know if you show up, you will be good.  You will find a way to pay your bills.  Now if you expect to live above paycheck to paycheck, then you will have to reach to greatness.  By the way, great people do what others are not willing or too scared to do.  So if you know you can make 50k this year and you want 100k, 50k is good and 100k requires you to be great.  So get help, READ,READ,READ and humble yourself before your circumstances humble you.


Jim Collins book, Good to Great is a fantastic read for any manager leader and biz owner. If you haven’t read this book you need to.


  1. Great word, Dustin. Thanks for sharing!

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