The Funny thing about Goals…

Is that they are not very funny.  More importantly, they are usually not fun.  Let’s be honest.  How do you get excited about becoming more responsible?  Yes, of course we need to be more responsible and disciplined, but how in the world do we get motivated and excited to do it?  Especially for those of us who are emotionally/ creatively driven?  The logic based, “Get Up and Just Do” people in the world look at the 80% of us that “don’t feel like” getting up, eating healthy, having that difficult conversation, cleaning out the spare room and confronting our biggest fear today, wonder how in the world we accomplish anything.

So for those of us that need to feel like doing it, here is what we (and yes I am talking to me) need to do

1. Stop making goals for other people
Especially people you don’t know.  Weight loss goals based on “looking good” is vain. When was the last time you met a vain person you liked?
The goal is to be healthy, to physically be able to enjoy life with the people you care about for as long as possible.  By the way, if you will focus overall on health, guess what  the bonus will be

2. Failure is an option.

 Let’s call it what it is shall we?  Over this next      year, there will be at least a week, two weeks and even a month, where we will abandon or quit our goals this year.  It is going to happen.  Just don’t quit altogether.  That is when failure actually happens.  We usually fail because we placed unusually high expectations on our performance and therefore we set ourselves up to fail.  So give yourself a break!
3. Goals are about progress
Not about do or not do.  When we are trying to adopt new behaviors and beliefs it is going to take time. Be sure to monitor your progress.  This is where journaling becomes important (at least update your FB so you can look back).  You need to reflect on the days where you did make the right choices.  Impatience can provide great drive, but can cause a lot of discouragement so be mindful of your progress.
4. Goals have to be in your face!
 In my head is not in my face.  By the way, if I have my goals in my head, then that’s where they will stay. If I keep them in my head, it’s because I am afraid of failing at them. So….
I need to take some pictures, cut out a magazine or draw a visual representation of my goal.  I then need to add 2 things:

  • How much time/ money this is going to cost me?  Remember that your time is more valuable than the money it will cost.  Make sure you can commit.
  • My deadline for completion.  Be sure to calculate quitting and failing a few times in your deadline.  I can pretty much tell you that for the most part it will need to be longer than 90 days out.

5. Goals should be fun!

  Well maybe the process isn’t necessarily fun, but the rewards for doing it should be.  Reward yourself for completing milestones in your goals throughout the year.  FYI, rewards should not sabotage the very goal you are working on.  For example, don’t reward yourself with Cheesecake during your health goals.  Get a massage for your sore and tired muscles instead.

A life without goals is a life driven and decided by everyone else, but me.

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