DIY- Do It Yourself


I think I should sue The Home Depot, HGTV and let’s throw in Bob Vila for that matter.  Because of them, I have spent (literally) blood, sweat and tears trying “fixing” things and making “improvements” around my house.  From doorknobs that turn the wrong way to light fixtures, leaky faucets…  well you get the point.  Here is the not-so-funny, funny part; I keep trying.  I know my level of capability, but I keep trying and I have finally figured out why.

  1. I know what needs to be done.
  2. I have a basic understanding of how to do it.
  3. I have the tools necessary to do it.
  4. It’s not Rocket Science.

These are the reasons that I always approach every project with.  Yet I come up short, half way through I want to quit or destroy the very thing I am trying to fix and even if I complete it, I am not sure that it’s necessarily any better.  So I am missing something right?

I know this guy who decided to build his own house.  Now he had worked as a sub-contractor on homes doing masonry and brickwork.  He had been around the homebuilding process and had good understanding of how it should be done.  That said, the house he built, namely the stonework is impressive.   However, the guest bath (for example) the faucet does not work and the door opens the wrong way, so it’s nearly impossible to get into the bathroom, much less shut the door.  My Realtor friends know all too well about homes like these.

So the point already…

It’s not a question of whether or not you CAN do it yourself.  It’s a question of whether or not you SHOULD?

In my line of work, I talk to people who are self-employed, in sales or run companies all the time.  They are often tasked with being everything, because they can.  There is constant persuasion that “I can, you can, we can” but the question we need to ask is Should.  Based on my experience, the people who ask for help, always get more done.  I say this from what I have observed and practiced.  Whenever I ask for help, I get things done.  When I try to do it myself, I may get it done, but like the doorknobs in my home, they turn, but not quite right.

What we need to always keep in mind is that LIFE is a team sport and ultimately, you can “do it yourself,” it’s just that you weren’t meant to.

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